Welcome to Pink Rose Furniture & Homewares!

Pink Rose Furniture & Homewares is a leading manufacturing and importer of European & Country Rose furniture in the Southeast Asia market. Largely influenced by the designs and elements from England, France, Italy, and Germany. The unique designs of the furniture from Pink Rose are being explored and developed. With the need for expansion, corporate identity and to meet the great demands of the consumers, Pink Rose Furniture & Homewares incorporated a unique branding, “Pink Rose”.This unique identity has brought forth the company towards a different level of growth. Especially penetrating towards most of the Southeast Asia markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, etc. The continual growth of the business towards other markets is put into plans for the next few years to come.
Quality assurance towards our products is also an important factor that we take important notice of. Therefore we can assure our customers of great quality furniture that is being purchased.